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ClimateClimate and Clothing on Johannesburg

Johannesburg enjoys one of the best climates in the world, neither humid nor too cold or hot. The average daily temperature is 22,4° C. Johannesburgers enjoy 8,5 hours of sunshine per day - one of the highest rates of sunshine in the world.

Summers are sunny and hot with relief-bringing rain showers and sometimes intense electric thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Summer rainfalls average 464 millimetres annually. The African sunsets and balmy evenings are truly enjoyable. Clothing should be light summer cottons with a jersey for evenings. Temperatures reach the early 30s (degrees Celsius) during November, December and January.

Winters are dry and chilly in the mornings and evenings and just 10 weeks long, although winter days are generally sunny and daily temperatures reach 16 - 19° C with a sharp drop in night time temperatures once the sun goes down. Temperatures at night may go as low as -2° C. Snow rarely falls. Cold fronts can pass over Johannesburg in winter bringing very cold southerly winds, but usually with clear sunny skies. Winters need jackets and jerseys which are taken off as the day warms and replaced again in the evenings.

For an updated weather forecast visit Weather SA.

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